Episode 1 – 1031 Exchange, Know the Rules & Title Vesting Pitfalls

Qualified Intermediary Megan Destito is our special guest today to walk us through the details about Investment Property and 1031 Exchange, you are about to know the rules in a more comprehensive way and find out about Title Vesting pitfalls, this is one hot topic that you can’t miss!

In this episode, we discuss…


0:00 Intro

1:04 What is 1031 Exchange?

2:23 What type of Properties Qualify?

4:53 How much time is needed to qualify?

6:15 What are the steps to follow?

9:59 How the Intermediary handles a 1301?

11:57 Consulting and Planning Tips

12:54 What areas do you cover?

13:32 How you became involved in this industry?

15:56 See you next time!

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